Membership Types

Active Membership

 A consultant or specialist in plastic surgery Saudi nationals Must have a permit from the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties Get all the privileges Has the right to vote

Fees 750 SAR per year

Associate membership

For consultants or specialists in plastic surgery For non-Saudis residing in the Kingdom Must have a permit from the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties have all the privileges have no voting rights

Fees 500 SAR per year

Trainee Membership

Resident physicians, Nursing and students

Fees 250 SAR per year

International Membership

Consultant or specialist in plastic surgery,  Non-Saudi and Non resident in the Kingdom


Other Membership Types

Founding Member

Membership of Founders of the Society

Honorary Member

The members who provide the association with a material or moral contribution not entitled to attend meetings has no right to vote

Honorary Member

For members who have distinguished themselves in their field of work with the Association can be invited to attend meetings have no right to vote

General Advantages Membership benefits

Free attendance of the Association’s monthly activities Obtain discounts for attending the Conference of Plastic Surgery in Saudi (annual) for members Support from the Assembly for new ideas Support from the Assembly for activities of the members Supporting scientific research that benefits the medical field in general and plastic surgery in particular

International Advantages

Obtain the advantages of members of the Arab Association for Plastic Surgery in the presence of Arab international conferences. Get the benefits offered by the World Society of Plastic Surgery ISAPS

ISAPS Global Alliance

  • ISAPS can provide aesthetic surgery Symposia connected to your annual meeting.
  • Free membership for all Residents and Fellows on completion of the application form.
  • Use of the Logo of ISAPS Global Alliance to designate and promote the ISAPS-SPSCS alliance.
  • Option to affiliate with our Journal, Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (APS), with reduced subscription costs for any SPSCS members who are not already ISAPS member.
  • Column provided in ISAPS News for SPSCS to publish news or promote SPSCS’ annual meeting.
  • Fast track group admission for SPSCS members who wish to join ISAPS that waives application fee.
  • Acknowledgement of the ISAPS-SPSCS alliance on the ISAPS website.
  • Forum of Alliance Partners at the biennial ISAPS Congress.